Faculty of Medicine

Academic advisor: Dr. György Veress Associate Professor
Phone: +36 (52) 411717 / 50106
e-mail: veregy@med.unideb.hu

Documents for students of the English program

Letölthető Anyagok: 
PDF icon GM Lectures 1st semester8.48 KB
PDF icon GM Practices 1st semester5.98 KB
PDF icon GM Requirements 2014.8.05 KB
PDF icon Medical Microbiology Topics of the End-Semester Examination General Medicine 2014/2015 academic year, 1st semester8.19 KB
PDF icon 1st Microbiology test results47.13 KB
PDF icon Lecture 02 Morphology of the bacteria1.73 MB
PDF icon Lecture 08 Pathogenesis and infection I.1.07 MB
PDF icon Lecture 09 Pathogenesis and infection II594.48 KB
PDF icon Lecture 11 Vaccination574.64 KB
PDF icon Lecture 12 Staphylococcus2.32 MB
PDF icon Lecture 13 Streptococcus1.37 MB
PDF icon Lecture 14 Mycobacterium678.82 KB
PDF icon Lecture 15 Respiratory bacteria1.11 MB
PDF icon Lecture 16 Enterobact I850.39 KB
PDF icon Lecture 17 Enterobact II18.22 KB
PDF icon Lecture 18 Vibrio, Campylobacter, Helicobacter1.24 MB
PDF icon Lecture 19 Pseudomonas850.86 KB
PDF icon Lecture 20 Neisseria Legionella Brucella1.24 MB
PDF icon Lecture 21 Clostridium1.64 MB
PDF icon Lecture 22 Anaerobic3.48 MB
PDF icon Lecture 23 Treponema3.07 MB
PDF icon Lecture 24 Borrelia-Leptospira890.82 KB
PDF icon Lecture 25 Chlamydiae2.32 MB
PDF icon Lecture 26 Rickettsia2.04 MB
PDF icon Medical Microbiology short answer questions (2014.09.30.)132 KB
PDF icon Practice 01 General Bacteriology1.26 MB
PDF icon Practice 02A Specimen collection283.89 KB
PDF icon Practice 02B Culture817.67 KB
PDF icon Practice 03 Biochemical tests466.29 KB
PDF icon Practice 04 Sterilization and disinfection134.64 KB
PDF icon Practice 05 Antibiotic sensitivity371.25 KB
PDF icon Practice 06 Serological reactions547.99 KB
PDF icon Practice 08 Nomenclature and taxonomy1.21 MB
PDF icon Practice 09 Wound skin infections257.83 KB
PDF icon Practice 10 Respiratory bact913.2 KB
PDF icon Practice 11 Enteral infections636.51 KB
PDF icon GM 3rd test - Student list19.34 KB
PDF icon GM 3rd test announcement 2014.5.3 KB
PDF icon GM 4th test - Student list18.32 KB
PDF icon GM 4th test announcement 2014.5.66 KB
PDF icon GM Educational Regulation 2nd semester7.66 KB
PDF icon GM Final Exam information 201411.25 KB
PDF icon GM Final exam topic list 2014.12.22 KB
PDF icon GM Lectures 2nd semester7.54 KB
PDF icon GM Practices 2nd semester6.13 KB
PDF icon To postponers of the Final Exam6.13 KB
PDF icon GM 3rd test Results42.21 KB
PDF icon GM 4th test - Results62.67 KB
PDF icon GM Final exam exemptions 20147.17 KB